Doctors Communicating Patient Results

Welcome to DCP Results

Retrieve results of pathology and radiology direct from your GP

Results are first reviewed by your GP then made available via this results portal for you to peruse along with comments from your GP.
Your GP must enroll you for this results service when creating a request for pathology / radiology.
When new results become available you will be notified via SMS text message which includes a PIN code.

  1. You must enter your DOB, mobile and PIN Code to access results.
  2. Your test must be completed and results available to your GP within 3 months of date of enrollment.
    If not completed within three months you must make an appointment to obtain the results from your GP.
  3. PIN codes are valid for 4 weeks.
    If your PIN code expires and you need to access results you must make an appointment to obtain the results from your GP.


During the upgrade process results may be temprorarily unavailable.
Please contact your GP directly to obtain results if your results are not available.

To access results, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter mobile phone number used by your GP when creating your pathology request.
    eg 0408000000 10 digits starting with 04
  2. Enter your date of birth [dd-mm-yyyy eg 21-03-1970]
  3. Enter your PIN Number
    A PIN number will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone when results are made available.